• What We Believe


    Everyone is a creator and an innovator



    The artist finding new material for inspiration,

    the scientist finding a new theory,

    the businessperson finding a new market opportunity

    -- in fact, all of us are creators and innovators in every aspect of our lives.


    The impetus to find the new can come from inside -- from an innate desire to change one’s world.

    Or the impetus can come from the outside -- from a need to respond to changes in the world around us.


    Either way, we are all driven to create and innovate.

    Everyone should have the opportunity to spend some time

    discovering their creative and innovative selves



    We each have our own distinctive styles of thinking and doing.

    We each have our personal journeys and experiences that influence us.


    Understanding these aspects of ourselves can help each of us find our essential self.

    This personal essence is the most original and powerful force

    which we can bring to bear on our work as creators and innovators.

    Everyone should have the opportunity to develop their

    creative and innovative capacities in new directions



    New perspectives, contexts, technologies, and tools are all ways of

    extending our capacities to experience our worlds and express our ideas.


    Creativity and innovation are innate, but they are powered

    by the methods of thinking and doing which we acquire.

    Everyone is welcome at the NYU Shanghai

    Program on Creativity + Innovation



    The program is open to students across all majors.


    It supports every student’s journey as creator and innovator via

    courses, lab projects, and opportunities to work with partner organizations

    across NYU and beyond the university.

  • What We Offer

    In our program, you can

    在PCI, 你能够

    Take courses with our NYU Shanghai

    faculty and visitors


    Participate in labs

    devoted to cross reality

    and creative experience design



    Learn from project work with

    our partners in China,

    around the NYU global network, and beyond



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