• Meet Up Schedule

    Topic: The Future of Creative Education

    October 20th, Saturday 2:00pm -- 4:00pm

    Room 900, NYU Shanghai


    What is Creative Education?

    Why do you believe in creative education?

    What are the support/creative toolkits you wish to access?

    Who are those ‘ideal’ creative learners?


    If questions as such galvanize you,

    please join us and share your insights!


    By invitation only. Please email your 1) name, 2) email address, 3) organization and affiliation, and 4) your ideas about the topic via the PCI email: creativity.innovation@nyu.edu.


    Both NYU and non-NYU students, scholars as well as working professionals are welcome! Make sure you have registered to enter the building if you don't have an NYU ID badge.


    See you then! : )


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