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    IIIE@Tandon InnoVention Competition: Helping NYU Students Start Up

    纽约大学Tandon学院 InnoVention创业比赛

    For NYU students at NYUSH, please submit your application by February 4th, 2021 at 0:00AM CST SH time via the Google Form to be considered for the NYU Global Final on April 28th, 2021. For any inquiries in Shanghai, please email creativity.innovation@nyu.edu.


    Please go to the page of NYU InnoVention Society to learn more about this global entrepreneurial competition sponsored by the Institute for Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (IIIE) at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

    NYU Female Founders Fellowship


    The application for the Spring ‘21 Female Founders Fellowship cohort will be due November 16th at 6pm EST. Sign up here to attend an info session for both the J-Term Startup Sprint and Female Founders Fellowship to learn more!

    Programs and Competitions of Potential Interest to Budding Entrepreneurs


    Click here to go to the CDC webpage on entrepreneurship resources.

  • Mindset

    It is commonly agreed that entrepreneurs are people who are good at, and derive intense satisfaction from, finding ways to improve on the status quo. Whether it is a specific new product or service, or a whole new way of doing business, entrepreneurs are adept at seeing the ways things are and then finding ways to make them better.


    At PCI, we help advance this mindset by embedding it in all our courses, workshops, and projects.


    After an appropriate mindset comes a practical map of the entrepreneurial landscape. Budding entrepreneurs should develop a good sense of the different kinds of entrepreneurship that exist, including for-profit entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and various mixed models. Case studies of entrepreneurs provide students accelerated experience with this model.


    Current PCI courses that spent time drawing maps of the entrepreneurial landscape include: Entrepreneurship Explored (an enterprise focus) and Application Lab (a product focus). View the full list of current PCI courses.


    After mindset and map come method. Entrepreneurship involves specific skills, both technical skills related to a specific opportunity and general skills related to building enterprises.


    Current PCI courses that help build relevant skills include Design Thinking (user experience), Entrepreneurship Explored (organizational templates), Application Lab (digital prototypes), and Understanding Financial Technology (fintech).

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