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    December 2017, Shenzhen

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    January 2018

    Last fall, Dr. Alex Ruthmann from NYU Music Experience Design Lab visited NYU Shanghai to give a presentation on designing technology for music making. During the presentation Prof. Ruthmann demonstrated some of his experiments with audio engagement by showing NYU Shanghai students how to build a collaborative musical instrument.

    November 2017

    NBC News published an article by Clinical Associate Professor of Business and Arts Eliot Gattegno discussing corporate productivity and creativity, saying creation is not solely about spontaneous inspiration but also “innovating around a current product to make it more valuable.”

    October 2017

    Recently, Adam Brandenburger wrote a short article on the importance of seeing differently. By using de-familiarization, we could learn how to stop seeing the world around us in the familiar way and start seeing it in unfamiliar and generative ways.(Find Chinese version here)

    September 2017

    Adam Brandenburger recently wrote an article for Strategy Science, on the issue of how strategy courses taught in business programs could do a better job of answering the question: Where do great strategies really come from? His answer is: They come from the exercise of creativity.

    August 2017

    Designer Yiying Lu and her friend discovered there was no dumpling emoji, so they resolved to correct that oversight. The article written by Harry Mccraken described how they ended up changing how an emoji becomes an emoji.

    August 2017

    Eliot Gatteggio recently wrote an article on Quartz, a global website on business and economy, discussing why mastery always beats creativity and implying that the secret to creativity may lie in experience.

    June 2017

    NYU Shanghai students in Abu Dhabi, through an intensive four-week summer course taught by Christian Grewell, innovate solutions for distinguished airline service Etihad Cargo.

    May 2017

    Eliot Gattegno recently wrote for AlleyWatch, the largest organization focused on New York's entrepreneurial ecosystem, on the importance of sensitivity to achieve creative solutions.

    May 2017

    TechCrunch, a leading technology media platform, recently published Eliot Gattegno's opinion piece on creativity and the sometimes forgotten uncreative work behind it..

    April 2017

    Dan Cohen, creative director at Publicis, taught a workshop on how to take one’s creative idea or object and tell an effective story about it to the world at large.

    March 2017

    Yiying Lu, creative director at 500 Startups and winner of Shorty Award for Design, conducted workshops on understanding and creating in the new world of emojis and other forms of visual communication.

    February 2017

     Students enrolled in PCI courses got a chance to observe best practices of how athletes achieve high levels of performance though coaching and apply those to mentoring relationships and business.

    January 2017

    Ten NYU Shanghai students used the “design sprint” approach to build and test a working prototype of an app designed to support the lives of local senior citizens.

    December 2016

    Students PCI NYU Shanghai initiated an education project aimed at helping teach young migrant children.

    June 2016

    NYU Shanghai students participated in a hackathon to develop tools to help left-behind children and their parents stay connected.

    October 2016

    More than twenty NYU Shanghai students attended this two-day innovation event, at which PCI's Adam Brandenburger, Eliot Gattegno, and Christian Grewell presented.

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