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    The Program on Creativity + Innovation empowers students. At PCI, we aim to help students unleash their thinking and set loose untapped creative potential. There's been a lot going on this semester. Check out course offerings, recent events, and brewing ideas at PCI, NYU Shanghai!





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    Speaking at the opening of Global Cre8 Summit on December 2, alongside bestselling author Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired magazine, Prof. Adam Brandenburger, Director of PCI, highlighted the importance of adding creativity to business strategy. “To stand out from competitors, you have to be different, and to be different you have to think differently, which is the essence of creativity,” he said.

    Headline News

    Faculty and students from NYU Shanghai's Program on Creativity and Innovation (PCI) recently took part in the 2017 Global Cre8 Summit in Shenzhen. The weekend event, co-organized by the Longgang Government and Tian‘an Cyber Park, attracted scientists, entrepreneurs, students and tech enthusiasts from around the world, to address the challenge of an "innovative and entrepreneurial relationship with the future."

  • NYU/D-Prize Social Venture Consortium Competition

    The NYU Social Entrepreneurship Program, NYU Office of Sustainability, and D-Prize want your ideas to distribute proven interventions to alleviate poverty. Submit your concept note by February 4th to the NYU/D-Prize Social Venture Competition for the chance to win up to $15,000 in seed funding!


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    Mr. Blachman is a seasoned entrepreneur in the hi-tech and financial services sectors. He has over 20 years of rich experience in business development and finance for technology firms in China and around the world. He will be the keynote speaker for Green Innovation Conversation.


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