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    The Program on Creativity + Innovation empowers students. At PCI, we aim to help students unleash their thinking and set loose untapped creative potential. There's been a lot going on this semester. Check out course offerings, recent events, and brewing ideas at PCI, NYU Shanghai!





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    WeWork launches its Global Initiative Awards in China towards nurturing innovation and creativity in the local community, and PCI is proud to be one of the partners. "We have made a big commitment to giving our students the opportunity to encounter and explore the worlds of creativity and innovation, and so partnering with WeWork aligns with our core mission," says Adam Brandenburger, faculty director of PCI.
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    Faculty and students from NYU Shanghai's Program on Creativity and Innovation (PCI) recently took part in the 2017 Global Cre8 Summit in Shenzhen. The weekend event, co-organized by the Longgang Government and Tian‘an Cyber Park, attracted scientists, entrepreneurs, students and tech enthusiasts from around the world, to address the challenge of an "innovative and entrepreneurial relationship with the future."

  • MegaCities ShortDocs Film Festival Calls for Your Participation

    Our university believes that you may be interested in the different issues humanity now faces in Megacities as you live in one of them: Shanghai. Your short documentary film could make a difference!

    Creative and Innovation Workshop: Theater and Music

    This workshop guides students into a creative process by defining the parameters of a possible imaginary. The notions of representation with the relation of time and space to dramaturgy will be organized and give substance to essays that will be presented at the end.


    Introduction and moderation of the Q&A by Eliot Gattegno, Clinical Associate Professor of Business and Arts.


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