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    Teaching from Home or Wherever? Creative Learning Online


    Apr 17th, 2020 4月17日

    9:00 -- 10:00 pm GMT+8 北京时间晚上9-10点

    You are invited to participate in the 7th PCI Creative Meet-up offered for the very first time in an online format!



    We hope you will join us to share, discuss, and demonstrate creative approaches you have been experimenting with during this time of social distancing and virtual teaching.



    RSVP at 报名参加:


    Our first webinar session will feature three presenters, followed by panelist discussion facilitated by Alex Ruthmann and Yanyue Yuan.

    我们的第一场网络研讨会将由如下三位主讲,随后由Alex Ruthmann和袁雁悦主持小组讨论。

    • Smaragda Chrysostomou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens  雅典国立卡波季斯特里安大学 —— Online Music Teacher Education: Challenges and Opportunities 在线音乐教师教育:挑战与机遇
    • Yingchuan Liu , China Academy of Art 中国美术学院 ——Weaving Together the You and the I 编织起你我
    • Yanyue Yuan, NYU Shanghai  上海纽约大学 ——Warm Up To Stretch Further 热热身,舒展更充分


  • Past Meet-ups


    How might parents support young creative learners at home?


    Sept 22nd, 2019 9月22日

    2:00 -- 4:00 pm 下午2-4点

    PCI CXD Lab invites you to the 5th Creative Meet-up!

    PCI创造性体验设计实验室 (CXD Lab) 邀请您参与第5次创意思想聚焦!


    You are cordially welcome to bring your family (moms, dads, and kids older than 5 yrs old). This event is Chinese-English bilingual.



    See you at 地点:

    Rm 900, NYU Shanghai (1555 Century Avenue)


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  • What Does Creative Learning Mean in Chinese Rural Communities?

    August 18th, 2019

    2:00 -- 4:00 pm

    • How to fill the gap between rural and urban area through creative learning?
    • How to optimally leverage limited learning resources and generate effective locally responsive curriculum in order to achieve creative learning? 
    • How to redesign learning space in the rural area so that creative learning can be supported?
    • How to forge creative, socially responsible and impactful citizens?
    • How to...

    Questions as such will be discussed in this creative learning meet-up.

  • What does Creative Learning Look Like in a Chinese Public School?

    July 6th, 2019

    7:00 pm

    Case Presenter: CXD Lab X Jianqing Experimental School


    什么是“你的星球”?What is ‘Your Planet’?





    Your Planet was an elective course at Shanghai Jianqing Experimental School designed and taught by Yanyue YUAN (袁雁悦) (Assistant Arts Professor, NYU Shanghai) and Lulu GUO (郭一陆) (Creative Associate, NYU Shanghai). The project-based creative learning course used the story of the Little Prince as a prompt to facilitate students’ own creative learning experience. The two instructors worked with 16 students from grade 6 and grade 7 for 13 weeks during class hours. By integrating script writing, music production, lyrics creation, and visual design, the whole course team created a forty-minute show as a “creative product” of this learning journey.


    The course was a major part of the pilot project that Yanyue and Lulu were running, with the major research question How can we foster creative learning in a Chinese public school? They were also interested in how young learners collaborate with each other while learning through creating; how young learners’ self-perception of their own creative capabilities change over time; and what happens when learners are given the autonomy to document and present their learning process.


    为什么我们命名这个项目为“你的星球”?Why We Named the Project ‘Your Planet’?







    我们相信,这一切的一切,每一个孩子心中,都会有一个独一无二的答案。正如从每一个孩子的眼中,我们都能够发现一片星空。他们有着属于自己的星球。于是,我们希望向这些孩子发出邀请,请他们和我们一起分享 “你的星球”。


    There are a thousand Little Princes in a thousand people's eyes. We each have different interpretations of the story of the Little Prince in different stages of our life. Sometimes, we ponder whether we can stay innocent like the Little Prince by staying away from the world of grown-ups.


    We each come from our own b612 planet. We might all have experienced ‘not knowing how to take care of the rose we love’, and we might have been ‘taught by our foxes about taming’. We are curious about what the Little Prince would grow into? Would he still shout out that the grown-up world is boring or would he choose to keep silent? Would he still devote himself to ‘taming others’ or ‘being tamed’?


    If the Little Prince traveled to the Earth in 2019 in a time machine, would he still meet the King who yearns to reign over everything, the Conceited man who is eager for admiration all the time, the Drunkard who is devoured by desire, the serious Businessman who loves to claim ownership of the stars, the Lamplighter who follows the orders day after day, and the Geographer who leaves all exploratory work to others?


    We believe that deep down in each child’s heart, there lives a unique answer to these questions. Seeing through children’s eyes, we are able to discover starry nights. Dear children, we hope you can share ‘Your Planet’ with us!


    ---> Access to "Your Planet" final creation


    ---> Access to "Your Planet" story telling concert

  • When Traditional Chinese Crafts and Music Meets Modern Curriculum


    Case Presenter: Rainbow Sheng

    April 13th, 2019
    2:00 -- 4:00 pm

    Creative Learning Meet-up Poster

    Warm up activity

    Warm up activity -- Lego building

    Understanding towards traditional

    Chinese music and culture

    Sheng assembling experience

    Sheng assembling activity

    Rainbow Sheng Curriculum


  • The Future of Creative Learning

    October 20th, 2018
      2:00 -- 4:00 pm

    Open Discussion

    What is Creative Learning?

    Why do you believe in creative learning?

    What are the support/creative toolkits you wish to access?

    Who are those "ideal" creative learners?


    If questions as such galvanize you,

    please join us and share your insights!


    By invitation only.

    Please email your

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    3> Organization and affiliation

    4> Your ideas about the topic

    via the PCI email: creativity.innovation@nyu.edu


    Both NYU and non-NYU students, scholars as well as working professionals are welcome!

    Make sure you have registered to enter the building if you don't have an NYU ID badge.

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